SHDC "Our Plan" Plan response form 06.14

Additional items which Totsoc wish to discuss with SHDC Strategic Planning:

  1. The economic impact on Totnes of the closure of Dartington Arts College.
  2. Would further outward expansion of Totnes destroy its integrity as an historic small market town?
  3. The total population of the District since 2001 is largely unchanged but age group 30 - 44 is down 22% with age group over 65 up 16%. Average weekly wage up 25% house prices up 91% (2001 - 2009).It is self-evident that affordable housing is needed and that more open market housing will continue to increase the imbalance of the population. With central government planning/housing policies as they are do we simply have to accept the inevitability that Totnes will lose its present vibrancy and regress into a somnolent retirement town?
  4. li>Brownfield sites within the town for further consideration:
  5. Dairy Crest.
  6. Car Parks - consider apartment/flat development above them
  7. Follaton House car park.
  8. Survey small sites currently under-used/derelict.
  9. KEVICC impact of possible re-location to Dartington.
  10. Employment land. The allocation of land for this purpose should be re-assessed. Speculative development for B1 B2 uses has not been viable for many years and this is likely to continue. Creation of jobs should be the criterion not site allocation. Consider intensifying employment on the Babbage Road industrial estate. Release land at Ashburton Road for further housing and give further consideration to the employment land at the impending Riverside development.
  11. DCC must be urged to come up with realistic A385 management plan proposals with the developments taking place not only within South Hams but within Torbay the congestion problem cannot be ignored.
  12. Impact on services and infrastructure generally needs to assessed and discussed.