This website is about the Totnes and District Society or TotSoc as it's more familiarly known. The Society was formed in 1969 to encourage ... high standards of architecture and town planning in the Totnes of the future. It is effectively the Civic Society for Totnes and its nearby villages such as Dartington and Berry Pomeroy. TotSoc has charitable status.

What Does TotSoc Do?

Since its inception, TotSoc has been:

TotSoc, along with other local organisations, has taken an active role in recent consultations with South Hams District Council over its plans to build 400 houses in the Totnes area by 2016.

TotSoc publishes Contact, a newsletter, several times a year. For back-copies, see the TotSoc Archives.

The TotSoc Committee

The TotSoc Committee meets about six times a year. The current committee members are:

Judy Westacott president
Paul Bennett chair
Tom King secretary
Jeremy Logie treasurer and membership secretary
Kate Wilson planning officer
Sue Bennett minute secretary
Anne Ward public art and design subcommittee
John Keleher
Jim Carfrae
Dave Mitchell

How Can I Join

Please download, print and fill in the form here. The form includes a Gift Aid Declaration. Note that TotSoc has a Data Protection Policy which affects members - you can read it here.

If you are already a member but would like future subscriptions to qualify for Gift Aid, please download, print and fill in this form.

You can find out more about TotSoc by clicking on the headings at the top of the page.