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Totnes and District Community Plan

In 2005, the Totnes Strategy Group published a community plan, the culmination of 5 years of effort by a large team of people. You can read the result here.

The Future of Totnes - a 1971 Report produced by TOTSOC

In 1971 TOTSOC, then just two years old, became aware that Devon County Council was proposing to prepare a Town Centre Plan for Totnes. It proceeded to set up a 'General Planning Sub-Committee' to consider how the Society might respond. After consultation with the County's Planning Office it decided that rather than try to influence DCC's plans directly it would prepare survey material for use by the Council. The survey was an extensive body of work and having handed it over, TOTSOC then proceeded to produce a report containing a general statement of its views on the future planning of Totnes and its town centre. The 33-page report can be downloaded here.

Contact - the TotSoc Newsletter

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Minutes of TotSoc Committee Meetings

The minutes listed below are in PDF format.